About Us

We've always had this idea in the back of our head about opening our own store, but we were not sure of what we wanted to get into exactly. In the late half of 2020, we gave it a shot, with an online store, but not just any online store. The name of our shop 'QuashieLove LLC' is a mixture of our last name and the love we were willing to bring with it. We decided to create merchandise with the slang 'Heart Ah Love' printed on each merch. 'Heart Ah Love' is a slang used in the Caribbean and, of course, it inspired us to bring forth our clothing line which represents love within oneself and integrity.
Our goal is to print other slangs from all around the globe, bringing fun metaphors alive straight out of thought an printed on merchandise, to create something magical, and we all know a picture is worth a thousand words!!